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30 Days of Creativity. At last, a reason to use my Tumblr blog.

I really wanted to participate in the 30 Days of Creativity thing happening this month.  Unfortunately it coincided with an eight day work trip.  I packed some art supplies, some fabric, etc, just in case I’d find time. I didn’t completely fail.  Here’s the first week.

Day 1.

Okay, so maybe the month didn’t start off so fantastically.  I had a 12 hour workday on our first day of training.  Here’s the picture of the divider papers I started hoarding from all our Kinkos-printed docs just to have in case inspiration struck.  It never did.  Much of the paper got re-used for the project and I ended up getting rid of the rest before I left.  Best intentions, y’know?


Day 2.

A 14 hour work day, but managed to create this doodle on the back of my white board.  Materials used: foamcore, sharpie.  Yeah.


Day 3.

Okay, so here’s where I got a bit better at this.  The first photo was a stumble upon.  The lighted mirror in the hotel bathroom made a halo shape around my pupil.  It was so cool, so I tried to capture it.  Not the most flattering photo of me by far, but it’s all about the art, right?  Right?


This was later that day.  Waiting for the bus, I found myself in front of an office building with a deer statue.  The statue itself seemed to be half-deer/half-chicken, but that may just be my take on its skinny limbs.  I was probably more creative with photo color manipulation than actual photography.  Still counting it.  Anyhoo…


Day 4.

Another photography post, taken while on site for work.  This time I didn’t do a thing to it.  I just liked the shadows hitting the rug.


Day 5.

FINALLY broke out the packed art supplies.  Not going to lie; it’s really awful-looking. But still it was a nice way to spend an hour of downtime.  Materials used: vintage matte board, sharpie, crayola markers, oil pastels.


Day 6.

Materials used: Chips, Salsa, Strawberry Margarita, Sunshine. I call this “Still Life with Happy Hour.” Sorry, it was a long trip.


Day 7.

My creativity this day was in the form of creative packing.  I had a 18 x 24 cardboard poster I bought at Parts & Labour to get home. A poster that couldn’t be rolled, mailed or checked.  I had to figure out how to transport on the plane with me it in one piece in a way that wouldn’t piss off flight attendants.

What I did?  Two pieces of posterboard, folded and taped around it, then connected the two ends to make a big loop.  Not pretty, but it worked.  The print made it here with nary a blemish.

So that’s Week 1.  #30DaysOfCreativity continues!

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